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Vorwort / Foreword

            People generally like to feel safe and secure. So from the point of view of the consumer, purchasing decisions are being
            increasingly driven by questions of sustainability and environmental protection. Consumers want to know about a product‘s
            entire value creation chain and how the customer treats its staff and suppliers. A product needs to create a feeling not
            just of sustainability, but of trust.

            The company of uma Schreibgeräte Ullmann is firmly committed to sustainability and to treating both people and the
            environment with respect. For uma, sustainability is more than just a label. The rPET PEN writing instruments series
            has already won the Sustainability Award, was nominated for the German Sustainability Award, and most recently
            received the German Innovation Award in Gold in 2021. For us, these are clear evidence that an investment in research
            and development can achieve added value for our planet.

            All uma writing instruments stand for long-lasting and successful advertising. That is why refilling the refills in all
            writing instruments becomes a matter of course, as well as the fact that all materials used can be recycled and used
            again in our RECY models.

            With the FSC® and PEFC certified uma wooden writing instruments, we contribute to the positive preservation of the
            Black Forest for posterity in the future.
            All models in the uma Naturals series are produced in a climate-neutral production process and are also finished in a
            100 % climate-neutral process at the Fischerbach site on one of the world’s most modern finishing lines for promotional
            writing instruments.
            With the antimicrobial writing instruments, we combine sustainability and hygiene. In this way, we demonstrate not
            only innovative strength but also solution-oriented ideas for the protection of nature and people.

            Entrepreneurial responsibility combined with innovative product ideas and sustainable production processes. This is
            the philosophy that uma embodies, one of long-term, successful and sustainable action.

            Alexander Ullmann (CEO)


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